Saturday, April 29, 2006

Fort Custer

I went to school for 3 days this week, then left Thursday to go camp and ride at Fort Custer. The place has so many trails that link together that you can ride many miles and not get bored. We rode the blue and red loop and went to ride green(which is the best), but it was closed for a controlled fire. I ended up riding blue/red for multiple loops Thursday and Friday. Today I went around he barricades and rode the green trail since the sign did say closed UNTIL Saturday. The trail was a great change from the same old blue and red. It was good preperation for the race next weekend.

I have to do a little make-up school work in the morning, then I am off for a nice 60 mileish road ride where I am going to pull my dad from our house to ILRA and around, then out to Wixom and ride out through Commerce/Milford area and sweep around back to the GM loop then back home. Maybe a few loops of Kensington will go good at the end of the ride!!! I need to figure out when I can take a recovery day. I will need one but it is hard to take. I hope it rains Wednesday.

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