Sunday, April 30, 2006

Finally a Road Ride Again

After a long time without a road ride, I decided to take a journey in the decent MI weather. I started off with almost falling over and dropping my bike when trying to unhook the rearwheel. I have been loading my MTB on the truck for the past almost month and totally forgot how heavy my roadbike is. Yes it is sad I have a heavier road bike than MTB. Priorities...that's all I will say.

I took my dad out for the ride so he could get in a fast hammerfest for him while I pulled his ass around. I am sick of ILRA and Kensington so I ventured off by riding out to Wixom Rd then taking it around to Duck Lake and Atlantic Rd. I rode into the center of Milford via Commerce Rd and took that all the way back to Hickory Ridge Stobart(GM Loop) and eventually ended up back on Kensington Rd. My dad was whipped after the string of hills so we didn't ride into the parks at all. Rode in the driveway at an even 40.00 miles and 19mph average.

The wind was in my face the first half of the ride and then it was pretty calm the rest of the way. My legs were burning the first 8-10 miles, but once I got in the groove, they felt snappy and I was riding well. Someday I will ride with a group of fast people, see how nice drafting is then probably get my ass kicked when I am not paying attention. Good training ride today. If I hadn't spent the last 3 hrs doing homework than I would have mapped the ride out. It's Ok. Only 19 more days left of school, Custer Race Sunday, Camping/Training Trip in 3 weeks and then 24 Hours of Boyne. Speaking of that I have to find some people to ride with. Maybe 2 or 4 man team. Only 1.5 months from Lumberjack...Hoping for under 9 hrs?!

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