Monday, May 01, 2006


During 6th Hour AP Statistics class today preparing for the AP test tommorrow, we started talking a little about normality. This got me thinking later in the day of what is normal. The normal 18 year old male drives their car everywhere, hangs out and drinks with friends regularly, goes on spring break for weeklong drunk fest, and tries to work out their upper body to show off their guns. I must not be normal. Lets see...I ride more miles on my bike than even come close to deiving(even though I have a really nice car), I come home after school, eat, then head off from home to go ride for a few hours and usually ride with people older than me, I drink Gu2O and Endurox, I went to Colorado and Utah to ride my bike for spring break, and when I go in the weight room-it is leg press, leg extention, squats, lunges, and hamstring curls!

I am not normal in the average 18 year old male world, but I fit in with the biking clan. How many high school seniors would have double the pair of lycra and tight shirts than casual shorts?

What does the normal room look like-well probably messy like mine but not the same type of stuff.

And the drinks-not typical

I guess we(cyclists) are in a world of our own!!! Fine with me.

On another note, today I had a much needed recovery day and then I plan on hitting it hard tommorrow with a 40+ fat tire ride along with a 40 mile road ride on Wed, ride to HIghland-ride some loops-then maybe back on Thursday. I will take Friday off to recover and a light spin around Fort Custer on Saturday before the first XC race of the season on Sunday!

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