Wednesday, May 03, 2006

No Rain...Today

The last couple of days have been rainy and just plain crappy as far as I am concerned. I had two recovery days when I only wanted one. Oh well, it's Michigan-what can you do? Move, yes but that ain't going to happen anytime soon. I was able to get home from the doc's fairly early, so I dressed, filled bottles, grabbed the bike and went. I was planning on doing a hard ride once I got to ILRA, but I couldn't help myself. I ended up putting in a nice TT effort-which I haven 't really been able to do yet this year. My legs were burning within the first mile and a half, so I looked down only to realize my warmup was 25mph and big ring. Once I hit ILRA my legs felt good, therefore I was able to keep cruising. I had some hard intervals thrown in followed by some steady state riding. I ended up with 40 miles at 20.5mph average with a 166 heart rate. The first half of the ride I was averaging over 21.5, then I decided to slow it down a bit and rode the rail trail up and around Mt Trashmore. It was nice outside and an awesome ride.

I am hoping the weather hold so I can get some good backroad hills and intervals in tommorrow when I ride to Highland, ride some of the trail and home if my legs are fresh. Recovery Friday then ready to race Sunday.

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