Thursday, May 04, 2006

MTB Training Ride

I have decided that I am now in the "get ready for Lumberjack 100" phase. Instead of driving out for the group ride at Highland today, I rode there on hilly-for MI- dirt roads. I rode about 10 miles of the trail with the group before heading back on my way home before it got dark. My time home was only 25 seconds slower than my 16.5 mile ride there. I was happy with the consistency since that is what I need for the endurance races. This weekend is the Custer race where I am looking to do well and then I have a week dedicated to longer training rides. In two weeks I am going down to the Fort with a group and plan on riding a ton of miles. Rest the next week then ride 12H of Boyne solo. It should be fun to be part of the festivities and I think it should be good training for the Lumberjack. Headed off to Custer tommorrow and chill as it is my recovery day. A nice light ride on Saturday and then lay down the hammer and get ready to suffer the 28 miles on Sunday!!!

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