Friday, April 14, 2006

Fruita Day 3-Kokopelli Trails

Today we met up with Craig and Bill and went down a few miles to the Loma area to ride some of the Kokopelli trails. We rode 17.6 miles today of some of the best singletrack I have ever ridden. It consisted of a warmup of dirt road, dirt singletrack with rocks all over, boulders, shale, and some sections of Slickrock. The oly carnage was a few scrapes and bruises, but no one was hurt and best of all the bikes are still all OK!!! Here are some pics of the days riding.
A nice family pic...we don't have too many of these.

Some of the rock we rode over

Some of the first Slickrock we hit

Me riding up one of the steeps on Mary's Loop

This is how you endo people. And yes, he did crash!

My mom coming off of a nice downhill on Lions Loop

A nice view from atop Mary's Loop looking down over the Colorado River and other singletrack

We climbed 1680 feet today, but the trail was more tech than climbing. Tommorrow is off to the Monument to ride some hills and rock. The cool thing about the trails out here is that the terrain is all different and nothing is the same.

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