Saturday, April 15, 2006

Fruita Day 4-Kokopelli Trails

We woke up this morning to a wet town. There was some wind and rain last night to dampen down the trails a little. We went over to Grand Junction to check out some bike shops and cruise around town. The downtown is really nice and has some really cool artwork sculptures of a 3x dowbhill bike, a bike messanger, and a dinosaur riding a bike. The trails are mainly a hardpacked sand or "moab mud" type of trails that dry out really quick. INstead of going to the Monument, we heard the trails over at Kokopelli were the dryest. We rode Mary's loop over to Steve's Loop and took Moore Fun trail back to the trailhead. Overall was 14 miles and the Moore Fun trail which is one of the most difficult trails around was awesome. The first quarter mile was hike-a-bike, then I was able to clean most of the trail after that with a few dabs and getting off only a couple times. I was very surprised by how much I was able to do and handle. My dad rode well and is becoming a better technical rider and my mom had an awesome day of climbing great through the 1450 ft.
Here I am with an amazing view over the Colorado River

Me riding down some Slickrock steps on Moore Fun before a switchback dropoff

My mom riding arounda scenic cliff

My dad riding up a step

My mom riding up a slickrock step

A look at some of the rocky desert terrain

Tommorrow morning my dad and I are going to ride at the Monument and then drive the 100 miles over to Moab and do a ride later in the afternoon over there!


Dan S said...

very nice man! hopefully I'll get a chance to go out there this summer. beautiful photos and I'm very jealous! glad your having fun!

Brent said...

Yeah, Fruita rocks! The cool thing about that area is that they have many trails down at the 5000 ft level, and then when it gets hot out in the summer, they have trails up at 8000-10000ft where there are trees and it is cooler. I really don't want to come back, but at least I will be at Yankee when I get back. Hope your bikes work and you can race!

Dan S said...

oh my race bike is ready! its so nice!