Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Recovery Week

This week I am holding back and only doing a few days of riding to build up for next week. I took today and yesterday off and got a lot of homework and projects done that are due next week. It is nice to not prorastinate once in a while. Looking to ride dirt roads out to Hickory Glen Park via Proud Lake, do a lap, then ride dirt and rail-trails over to ILRA for a Blue/Yellow and finally back home. Haven't mapped it out yet, but I will and see how far the ride will take me. Thursday also looks good for a ride which will probably be the road bike. Friday will be another recovery day for the legs and off to YANKEE SPRINGS for a few laps of pre-ride before the April 23rd race. Never ridden Yankee, but I heard it is really fun and I am ready to ride.

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