Saturday, April 01, 2006

Ridw w/ AAVC

This morning I met up with Brent Rohrs and rode with the AAVC for a nice 60 mile ride. The pace was nice down Huron River drive, then we went down some other rode and had a good effort type of pace with the back of the paceline rotating to the front. I was glad I didn't bonk cause I had no flippin idea as in where the hell I was. All I know was that one time we were on M-36 and the sign said 28 miles to I-96. After M-36, some hammerheads took off and a group of 9 of us rode hard-I was in the 170 heart rate zone for around 20 minutes. We had some good long intevals that should really help my riding. The wind was horrible in some directions, but that is what a pelaton is for huh. Total was 60 miles averaging 21 mph. Definitely a sweet ride that I surely will do again.

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