Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sunny, Warm, and NO SCHOOL

Wow, what a day. I slept in until 8, ate some oatmeal and a bagel, then sat around and streched until 10. I took the YETI out for a nice 40 miles ride from home to ILRA and did a double B/Y, then back home. My bike was responsive, the lockout was sweet, and my legs were snappy. I ended up with a 17.5mph average, which made my next ride look bad. I rode home, grabbed a powerbar, re-filled bottles, then headed off for a long road ride. The wind was nasty out of the south, so most of the ride to ILRA I was battling wind. I rode to the back of ILRA, then around to Kensington, and just as I was making my return trip to ILRA, I flatted. I put a new tube in and went off. I rode into the ILRA parking lot to look for someone with a pump so I could check my pressure, but WHAMM. I flatted my front tire again. I was out of tubes and air, and 10 miles from home. Luckily, my mom had just ridden and was only 7 miles away. A guy from D&D who had seen me go by him the other day said he had tons of tubes and he was trying to give me one. I new I was probably going to flat again since there was probably a problem with the wheel.

After I got home, I had 68 miles in and it was gorgeous out. I went outside and cleaned my YETI which really needed it, and I also cleaned off the drivetrain of the road bike. I called Glen to get him to go ride since he has been stuck at work lately, and I went out on the SS to ride with him. It ended up being a great end to my day and my legs felt awesome after the spin. I forgot how fun the SS is to ride and how fast it is up the hills.

Thunderstorms tommorrow show a good recovery day for me, then back on the road bike for a 60-70 mile ride in Ann Arbor SAT after I put new rim tape on to cover an exposed spoke hole.

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