Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New Lockout=Ride

I got home from school and noticed I had a package from UPS. My Manitou Click-It lockout came, so I ran downstairs and installed it on my YETI. After I made it work, I went out for a nice 29 mile backroads ride over to ILRA for a ride on the blue and yellow loops. The trails were really dry except for one 10ft long section on blue. I ended up riding for 1:49 and averaged 157 heart rate which is about 7-10 beats lower than race pace. I felt good and am looking foreward to more single track.

I am off school tommorrow and the MI weather looks like it is cooperating, so I am looking at a nice long road ride and probably a mountain bike ride thrown in later in the day. I am looking at riding around 70 miles in the 60 degree weather tom. then recovering while it rains Friday and hitting it hard again Sat.

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