Tuesday, May 09, 2006

About time for recovery

I went down to Trail's Edge for the Monday night ride to see how the legs felt on Hines Drive after the Custer race. I felt great and pushed it pretty good when I was leading. The A group turned out to be decent with John, Jim, Josh, Mike and I doing the main work. We rode out to Newburg Rd for a warmup then I took off and the ride started. Near the end, we all atacked on the only big hill on Hines which ended up leading to a faster end. Jim attacked the group before Haggerty, but we all stayed. A few minutes later after we had gone through the light, I was pulling 26mph when Jim flew by followed by Mike. I sprinted and caught back on. Jim fell off to the side and Mike attaked. I caught back up to him and threw in a hard effort before we got stopped by the light at Northville Rd. We stopped and looked around as we were huffing and realized that Josh, Mike, and I were the only ones there and the rest of the group was way back. I was fun and some good sprinting intervals. The avg was 22.7 over the 30miles which wasn't too bad considering the slow start and easy riding from Outer Drive to Ford Rd.

I went to Brighton Rec after school and put in a lap of Torn Shirt/Murray Lake. My legs were flat, so I just rode at an easier pace and didn't push the hills at all. I met up with a few friends from school and had a nice social ride with them on Torn Shirt before I went off for another lap of Murray Lake. Tommorrow looks good for recovery, then I am going to try to get on the SS for a few rides later in the week! Hope it rains tommorrow then gets nice for the rest of the week.

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