Friday, June 02, 2006

Recovering the Legs

I took Tuesday off as a recovery day and figured I could go out Wednesday and throw down some intervals during a 40mi/2hr ride...WRONG! My legs were soooo heavy. The 12H after affect. Holy crap, I could not pedal worth a damn. I did stick it out and hammered on the hills though. The longer I rode, the better I felt. I guess a double at PLRA on the SS isn't such a great idea after doing well at a 12H race. Oh well, I will learn. I took yesterday off and am going up to Gaylord today to go get ready for racing this weekend. I might take a nice little spin tonight on the road bike and then do a pre-ride at Hanson Hills tommorrow. The race is Sunday and I am hoping for some snappy legs! It should be a fun and quick race. I am staying up there monday to do some road riding with some good hill climbing. I will do the 32 mile loop and if I feel good, I might do another. Should be an awesome weekend with good weather and good riding!

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