Thursday, July 13, 2006

Good days of riding

Monday we came back early from Gaylord since it was misty out and 59 degrees. We drove back down state and I unpacked then went out to Hines Drive for the Monday night ride. It was a really good group and a quick pace. The legs were a little sore, but the efforts were still good.

I worked Tuesday and took the day off from riding to recover my legs and watch the rain. What fun!

I got up and did a nice 57 mile road ride yesterday morning. The body was feeling pretty good so I did 5-3minute intervals and then did hill repeats over at Kensington Metropark. After sitting around later, my legs started to feel a little sore and stiffen up. I will see how they feel tonight when I grab the MTB for some loops over at Brighton Rec.

It is hard to see, but yes...this is DNR workers WORKING!!!

Hey its a nice day, why is no one on the beach-ahh, I forgot-everyone's watching Le Tour

The road was still a bit wet, but no spray

Just read up on the Tour. Looks like Landis is doing good, OK Yellow is great. Levi came back from a horrible TT and came second today. Too bad for Zabriskie, it looks like he was 40 minutes back.

I took my SS fork apart yesterday since it wasn't working well at all. My springs had a problem and then a bolt sheared off on my oil side great. So, I looked all around for forks, but no luck. I ordered a Manitou R7 Platinum fork I will put on my Yeti and put the skareb with remote lockout on the SS. I was told no rigid!

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