Sunday, July 16, 2006

Rollin' 3,000 in da SUN!!!

Yes I did. I rolled over 3,000 miles this past weekend. That was my goal for last week, to hit 3,000 by Monday. I rode a nice 76 mile road ride on Saturday from Brighton, through Milford, Commerce, Wixom, New Hudson, South Lyon, and Whitmore Lk. I attacked hills for the first 40 miles and put in some hard efforts. The last 35 miles where a little more layed back with some riding on Rail Trail and around Whitmore Lk. Near the end I could feel my body shut down more, and I think I was low on electrolytes. I only had 2 bottles of GU20 and I should have taken some endurolytes to keep me going. That 90+ deg heat plus humidity gets it screamin' out but ya just have to live with it. I love the heat...HATE the humidity.

Today was a road ride with my parents and Glen and Lynn. He just came off a 14 week back surgery recovery, so he is just getting back into it. I pulled out the MTN bike to ride today so I would have a little better workout. My favorite today was the triathletes who were on their nice aero bikes who I passed or got in front of and saw I was on a fat tire bike. The best was-"I can't draft off you(riding a MTN bike) or I will get depressed." I ended up going by her and never saw her again. After a few hill repeates at Kensington, I was back off to ILRA to hit the trails and then go home. After passing tons of people(and a-holes with mp3 players tooooo loud) on blue, I decided to cut out at 7-11 and ride home. A nice 46 miles for the day put me over 3000.

Tommorrow is a busy day of work, maybe getting the new fork-if it comes in, and watching Stage 15-L' Alp d'Huez at Glen's on OLN. Yes, mooching the Tour off other people's TV!!! 90 degree temps all week should put the FUN in riding.


Dan S said...

knowledge reins supreme! LOL your stories kill me! well I know how you feel sucks you broke the chain. hey leaving for colorado and utah nationals in 9-days! got a new bike too look at the blog see the pic.

Brent said...

Yeah, broken chains suck. It has just happened to me too much lately. That trip out west will be sweet. Too bad you have to come back-that was the worst part for me in April. BTW, that bike is rediculous. You should rock the Super D with that rig...just don;t hurt your shoulder AGAIN!

Dan S said...

you'll have to come out when I have it and I'll let you ride it!