Friday, July 21, 2006


I got a tight link from a ding in my chain before Lumberjack, replaced it, then broke the new one at Boyne Marathon, and now I am riding my SS. Today I go out for a backroads ride, and what better happens than I break my chain. Great. I was just going for an 11 mile ride to spin the legs before hitting up a double at the Poto on the SS tommorrow. So there I was standing up climbing a hill and BAM! I was down again. This has happened too much. I immidiately knew what had happened. This is a SS chain and I broke the special connecter part of the chain. The SS chain is a 3/32 and is thicker than a normal 9speed I couldn't use a master link. 5 miles of walking and trying to coast down hills, I was back at home. The chain wasn't the only bad part. I was going quick up the hill when I fell in the gravel and I cut up my knee and smacked my hip pretty bad.

Now the dilema is what to do at Poto. I can't use my SS chain and a normal chain won't fit on my chainring and rear cog, so the only thing that works is BIG. I am running a 44-18 at Poto tommorrow. It should be really fast on the FLATS!!! It will only make me stronger...or maybe more sore.

The past week went well with long ride and some good times. After some hard riding this weekend, I will taper off to be fresh for WAM next week.

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