Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Nice Weather Weekend

The knee is not too bad considering the amount of blood loss. At least I didn't slice it up at ILRA! It is a little stiff when I am sitting around-mostly because of the crusted up scabs. The hip is tender and hurts a bit whne I start riding but goes away once warmed-up.

I hit up the Poto on Saturday with the SS and was thinking that I was going to be doing quite a bit of walking since I was running a 44-18. Last year I missed at least 3 hills on a 36-16, therefore I thought I was going to die. Little did I know I am a much better rider this year and can handle a larger gear. I went right up the first climb out of the parking lot and across the dirt road. I surprided the hell out of myself. I ended up not able to top off 4 hills, the same ones on both loops I rode. There was one around mile 2 after the gaurdrail, two steep ones in the "steep hills" section that switchback around roots, and then the sandy, SANDY climb before the shortcut at mile 9. I rode 2 loops and was a minute faster on lap 2 than 1. I had a great time riding even though the course had trees down all over the place.
High gears, high Heart Rate!

Today turned into a recovery road ride with the parental figures. It was a 2 hr ride that was painfully slow at times. The weather was beautiful and I spent some good time outside washing, vacuuming, whiping, and waxing my car.

You can't have a sparkiling clean bike and a dirty bike rack

I spent the rest of the day reading Bicycling mag outside, tuning up the road bike to get it ready for WAM, an of course watching the hour recap show on regular TV showing the great Floyd Landis winning the Tour de France. On a related note, Pres. Bush has raised the terror alert to RED in suspicion that the French might attack after the Americans kick the French's ass in their own country. Good job Floyd-now go get a new hip!

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