Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Just What I Need!

I would like to send a shout out to Poto-THANKS for giving me Poison Ivy! It came out Monday morning, my first case of poison ivy ever...and it keeps poping up over my arm.

I took Monday off to recover and then I went out this morning and did trail work at Maybury for 4 hrs. We got a lot of trimming done and by the end we were all spent. After a nice lunch in d-town Northville, I went over to pick up the new fork. Put the race on, cut it and installed the star nut before heading home to install it on the Yeti. I got it set up, but it will need to be adjusted better. I rode to ILRA today, did a loop, then came home. The fork seemed to work well, but I can see that it needs to be worked in and dialed in better. It felt pretty good and the legs were in good shape. I put in a decent effort when I wasn't behind groups of people to get the legs moving again before the WAM 300. I ended up with a 50 minute loop and then a good ride back home. I am taking tommorrow off and then probably a short spin in Traverse City on Thursday afternoon/night.

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