Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July

I got a nice backroad ride in this morning before hitting up a 4th of July party. I headed out down Buno Rd down to Wixom, where I took Glengary/Bike Path over to Hickory Glen park to ride the 5 mile loop. It is a nice easy ride that just goes back and forth around trees the whole loop. From there I rode back towards Wixom Rd and hooked in behind the VFW hall where I rode the dirt loop a couple times before riding some more road for cool down before the party. It was a nice relaxing day watching the boats swing by on Loon Lake and just sit and relax. The ride felt good, I am glad I got it in. My legs were not tired, which is a good sign for the Boyne Marathon this weekend.

I am working tommorrow, then it is off to ride Boyne Mt on Thursday for a pre-ride and then kill time before the 56 mile race on Saturday. It should be a really fun weekend...I always have the urge to go race/ride at Boyne. A bonus for me, in my downtime up north, I can watch the Tour since the lodging has cable and I don't!

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