Saturday, July 01, 2006

Work, Ride, and Watch

I worked Monday through Thursday this week and only had a small amount of time to ride thanks to the enjoyable rains. I got a quick 45 minute ride in on Tuesday with some good hill repeats and speed work. Wednesday, again I snuck out after a quick storm and put in 32 miles. I threw down some intervals and some more speed work to help with keeping up the cadence during endurance races. Friday I got out for a nice 62 mile road ride which felt good to do, but my legs were burning on the climbs. Today was a rest day while I went to Stony to watch the Marathon race. It was a good time and the weather was extremely nice, a little warm for the racers, but my type of weather. Tommorrow loks like it will shape up for a long backroads ride. I just have to figure out where I want to ride to and then go. I am leaving Thursday morning for Boyne where I will pre-ride the marathon course that day before the race on Saturday. It should be a fun time and hopefully the weather cooperates. Time will tell.

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