Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Riding for Fun

I got out of bed and my body was STIFF and SORE. That's what happens when you lift weights after 9 months of riding and no gym work. My plan was to go out to Highland and do a night ride, and that is exactly what I did. It was an awesome ride. We headed out backwards on the A loop, then hooked up with D and rode it backwards until the road. We cut out on the road and turned in on the horse trail (shhhh) to get to the B/C intersection. Rode B backwards and that was a rush. I don't know what got into me, but I was zipping through the corners and cruzing right up the hills. Maybe it was the fact that B suits my 36-16 gearing much better. I succesfully finished the trail with no crashes and no bured out lights. Along with the helmet mounted HID, I strapped on a halogen on the bars for some better depth perception for the drops. Fun ride.

Today after going to a natural science museum at the U of M fo BIO lab, I headed back over to the gym. Once I got pushing the weights, it didn't hurt too bad. I am doing 25-30 reps of each exercise at least 3 times. MTBing doesn't work the upper body terribley much because I am only pushing 50-75lbs on the row and lat pulldown! A day off of riding for me, but I'll be back on it tommorrow.

While looking around today, I went to the LJ 100 site and found some cool info. Rick is thinking about changing up the course and going backwards next year. It'll be fun, but that hill coming down to the parking lot will suck going up. Good news is that it will only have to be done 4 times. I also found a few pictures of me during the race under the photos section on pg. 10/11. I would post them but pics are hard to get up here with dialup.

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