Friday, November 17, 2006

Saddle Time

Did some more weights early this morning at the gym. The body is starting to get used to pushing iron, therefore, I am not nearly as sore as I was earlier in the week. After the gym, I headed over to d-town Brighton to check out the new bike shop in town. It is called Ride Botique and it is really nice. It has a nice vibe and atmosphere to it. Chad, the owner, is stocking high end stuff from Seven, Guru, Bianchi, Felt, C-dale, and he is also a Zipp dealer. He has a fully built Seven Ti/Carbon 29er on the floor that is his. Pretty cool looking stuff.

This afternoon I took the SS out for a 2:20 venture. Just spinning a high cadence and keeping the HR in zone 2 for the most part. My goal today seemed to go the whole time without bonking. It worked, but by the time I got home, I really felt like I needed some sugar. Toast with Jam worked pretty good for that! This ride taught me about winter riding on the road and rail trail...carry an mp3 player when riding solo. That straight and flat rail trail becomes very monotonous.

A nice staircase I found to ride off of the rail trail-it lead to paved singletrack into a neighborhood. Narrow asphalt winding around trees?

Off to do some skating at the ice rink tonight, and tommorrow afternoon after my ride. I am thinking of riding around and eventually riding over to the new Milford trail and putting in some miles there!

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