Saturday, December 02, 2006

It's Been A While...

Because it has been nice outside. The end of November and sixty degree temps. It was almost two weeks straight of fifty and sixty degree days. Now we are back to reality, but its life. It was nice to get a nice burst of warm wether for a bit. Now only if we could get warm weeks once a month in the winter! I was able to get some good riding in with shorts and a jeresy and often some arm warmers. I did the Thanksgiving Day ride at PLRA and then ended the 14 hour weel off with a night ride at Brighton Rec. I have been riding quite a bit at a low zone 1/2 on the fixed gear. The gym has been going well and I am about to move onto my next stage. Now that winter is finally here, it is time to bundle up and hit the road for some long hours in the saddle. A month into the off-season, and I am still keeping my weight constant at 142, even after a Thanksgiving feast! School will be over in two weeks(for the semester), so that will leave me evn more time for weights, riding, pilates, and maybe X-C skiing if there is snow.

Bundle up and go RIDE!

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