Friday, January 05, 2007

I Love Global Warming

The past few days have been awesome. The sun has been out and shining, it has been dry, and I don't have school until next week. I did the Trails-Edge New Years Day ride on Monday. A nice easy 13.5 mile ride on the fixie with a bunch of other people. I had no idea where the hell I was, but that is part of the fun. That ride turned out to be a good rest/recovery ride for me.

With this warm high 40's low 50's weather, I have certainly enjoyed it. The past three days I put in 10 hours just because I could. It felt great and my legs are feeling good too. I found a few more routes to ride and some nice roads.

Off to the gym today after Pilates. I can't wait to see how many people are there now after making their new years resolution to lose weight. Those are the people who show up a few times for a few weeks in January and then disapear. They are also the ones who wear sweat pants and sweat shirts in the hot gym and sweat like pigs. I guess when they step on the scale after their workout it shows them that they lost weight...yeah, water that needs to be replenished. These are often the people who I see come in and use the weight machines and nothing else. Weights are good for building strength and toning, but they should at least be doing some cardio workout to burn some calories. And they probably believe the machines too. When I ride the stationary bike to warmup 10 minutes, I usually burn 200-300 calories. That is usually 1/2 hour riding at a zone 3 pace, not 80bpm. The other day at the high point, I was burning 2000 calories/hour rate. That is friggen impossible. While I am ranting about the gym, I guess I should point out the #1 thing that bothers me besides people looking for the closest parking spot....people running on the treadmills for an hour when it is sunny and 50 degrees out. Get outside. Well, maybe they are working on the mental aspect, becasue I would fail that part.

Okay, time for some core strengthening!

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