Saturday, December 30, 2006

...and while I rode my bike, I saw people

Yes, people were actually outside today. Tons and tons of people. Normally on my rides, I see a few warriors who brave the Michigan weather and go for a run or walk on the bike path. Today, with 40 degree temps, people came out of the woodwork. It must be boring sitting inside all day watching TV and eating cookies. Don't get me wrong, I like cookies (don't watch much TV at all) but I also like to get outside and breathe-sometimes really hard! As I rode through Island Lake, I saw more people than normal and the trailhead was half full. Hopefully the trail is dry. As I got into Kensington, I could not beleive my eyes. There were cars everywhere. Parking lots were filled with cars. The paved path was full of outdoor seekers. And the nature trail and it's parking lot were loaded with people. Now, wait until the temps drop a few degrees and you'll be wondering whrere everybody is...praying to DTE energy for a heated house!

I have decided to start riding my road bike after a month of straight of riding the fixed gear. I figure if there is no snow, I might as well. It was nice to be able to float through the gears again. The weird thing was coasting. I found myself trying to slow down at a stop sign with my feet. Yeah, it doesn't work with a freewheel. It was a good ride and I am looking foreward to more time in the saddle with it.
I was able to wear gloves light enough to be used with a camera today. I took a few pics before the battery died. I always seem to see stuff, and not have to camera ready. Today, some of the interesting objects were...some young kids racing go-cart like machines around a school parking lot(I should have asked if they wanted to would have been fun), a specialized bike frame laying by a gaurdrail by I-96, and an old VW hippie bus. All cool things I was unable to get a picture of. Maybe I should get a mount for the camera on the handlebars. Helmet cams are too expensive.

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