Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Additions to the Fixie

How much can you really add to a fix year you're wondering. Not much. I just replaced a few parts. First off, I took off my cheapo Selle Italia blowoff saddle and put on my SLR which was sitting on the winterized YETI. The cheapo saddle was good for around 2 hrs then it was painful and annoying. The SLR is the best saddle ever made for my butt style!
Another addition is a sweet NSYNC fork. I took off my Skareb to send it in for service since the rebound endcap blew a while ago and was hydrolocked. I took this fork off of an old T-rek bike. It is likely worth 30-40 bucks new for the greased suspension. It weighs a boatload, has rusted uppers, and does not work. It is a SOLID fork!
I was able to get out for a ncie gravel grinder today for 3.5 hours. I kept on the dirt roads (which is hard to do in this metropolis area) and found some new gravel. Was able to stimulate a few brain cells riding some never before seen terrain. There was even a decent hill on one of the new roads. Covered a good distance(I still have to map it out) and my HR monitor clocked 2200ft of climbing/ascent. It was a good ride all around. I was fresh after my weights and recovery day from the bike yesterday. Phil Ligget would have been all over his "dancing on the pedals" quote. The weather was also nice. Cooler than the past week, but still very warm for December. And that yellow thing in the sky was also out. I cannot remember what it is called since it is a rarity, but it was nice today!

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