Saturday, December 16, 2006

Where did this Weather come from?

This is awesome. The past few days I have worn a few less layers and it has been awesome. I remember just last week I was riding in 0, 2, 9, degree temps with the wind chill. Tommorrow is looking to be 55 and maybe some rain. With all of this heat in December, it got me thinking about that global warming thing everyone is talking about. I rented An Innconvenient Truth, a movie which features Al Gore explaining global warming and his theory and predictions on it. It was interesting to say the least.

In other news, I just finished up a 12.5 hour ride week. I did a 2.5 hour ride with my dad yesterday on the fixed gear. Pretty much did the same ride as Thursday, but skipped the whole rail trail and Whitmore Lake section. A little windy in a few spots, but all was good. I just got back from a nice little hour forty five ride on the dirt roads. Since it is so warm, the road commission was able to grade the roads. This makes them better and worse. Better in the fact that the potholes are mostly gone, and worse that the top layer is really loose gravel. The loose gravel likes to swing the rear end of the bike around when I am pedaling 150-175 cadence on some larger downhills. Overall, I'll take the graded roads any day of the week. Off to work tonight, then depending on the precipitation tommorrow, I might do a 3hr ride, or an indoor trainer ride.

In MTB news, it looks like all the crazys who sent in a postcard are going to be riding in TransIowa! Hope for dry conditions.

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