Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cranking out 4 More

I hit the gym yesterday after class and then decided to ride the trainer at night. I wanted to give my body and lungs one more day of riding inside before I went for some fresh air. I was able to put in 2hr while watching the Biggest Loser. The guy who won lost 214lbs. That is a rediculous amount of weight to loose in somewhere around a year time frame.

Today turned out to be another unseasonably mild December day. I took my last final-macroeconomics(Aced it) and came home to get ready to crank. I stuck to the pavement today to keep the bike free from the nasty muddy roads. I headed out on the fixed gear around 11am and rode into the driveway 4 hours and 61.25 miles later. Not bad. With my little cooldown, I made a metric century on the fixie-that is with fat tires! I cranked out the 36-16 gearing around the GM proving grounds, through Milford and Wixom, rail trail in South Lyon, and eventually rode around Whitmore Lake before heading back home. The legs are a little tired no after 8.5hrs and 2 days of weight training in the last 3 days. The route is mapped out HERE.

Looking at hitting the gym in the morning and then going out for a 40mile fat tire fixie ride with my dad later on. My legs should recover enough to put in a hard effort at the gym. Saturday is also shaping up to be a nice day. Maybe a dirt road rampage if it dries out.

Now all I have to worry about is training; riding, weights and pilates. I am done with the semester and don't start up again until Jan 8th. That leaves me 24 days to have some fun on one!
(Maybe I should major in poetry!)NOT.

The weather is nice, get out and RIDE. There are no excuses withe temps in the high 40's and low 50's.

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