Wednesday, December 13, 2006

2.5 Hours of Monotony

My cold seems to be getting a little better day by day. My lungs were burning on Sunday, so I decided to take a recovery day and hit the bike again on Monday. Monday came and my cold was worse. I changed from a chest cold to a head cold. My nose ran all day. After my finals in the morning, I headed over to the gym and hit the weights. I got home and still felt like crap. I wasn't tired at all but my body needed some rest. Instead of a 2.5 hour ride, I took that time for a nap.

Finally, yesterday I was feeling much better. Well, I took the past couple days off and it has been warm (high 40's up to 50) and dry. Yesterday turned into an all day rain, drizzle, and downpour type of day. I jumped on the trainer in the afternoon and started to ride. I threw in a Carmichael Training Systems climbing tape, then went and rode to the sprinting tape. I took the last 45 minutes and just rode keeping the HR in zone 2. 2.5 Hours on the trainer was not mentally too bad until I was 1:45 in and the only thing on TV was either Ellen, Oprah, or Judge Judy. Woo Hoo. Not. I put my head down, pedaled, and kept on listening to the music running through my headphones. I have to say that the trainer seems to work out the legs harder than the road. More tension and friction seems to need more effort and instill more leg burning.

Finished the evening off with a 30 minute Pilates session. Didn't burn too bad either. Now I am sitting at school waiting for 4:15 so I can go take a pointless BIO Lab exam. I have a 100% in my BIO class, and this test is worth 50 points. I guess I don't have to take it and still get an A, but I will. After that, it is off to the gym. Usually it is just over an hour workout, then I am off to grab the bike. Hopefully the rain holds off so I can put in 2.5-3hrs on the fixie. Lights are charged up and ready to go.

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