Sunday, February 18, 2007

Monkey Butt

As I ventured out on my ride today, the roads were quite wet and slushy on the side. There was surely enough salt to melt a glacier too. Well, after about two hours, the chaffing I had going on was horrible. I finished up my ride another hour later and it was pretty uncomfortable. Imagine rubbing coarse salt into you skin. That was what it felt like. All of the wet road slop ended up seeping through my tights and into my chamios where it wasted no time getting to work. By the end of my ride, the roads were starting to dry up, but that does not undo previous damage. All this means is I have to lather up with more butta' tommorrow! Projected high looks to be 30F and a big 40F is showing for the end of the week. Just in time for me to start busting out the geared bikes. After riding a fixed gear for the past three months, it should be weird to float through the gears. I can't wait.


Brooks said...

Admit it... you crapped your pants! haha

Brent said...

Okay, it slipped out and because of the massive amount of chamois butt'r that I had on, it just slid easily to each side!!! Yeah, I wish I would've had that much chamois butt'r on. I sure needed it!