Saturday, March 10, 2007

Active Recovery

After 4 strong days of riding, I decided the best choice for today was to do an easy ride to flush the acid out of the legs. I spent an hour and a half riding around the more urban part of Brighton. Normally I ride towards Milford and the parks which is very rural and not much traffic or people. Today was something different. I had actually never ridden into d-town Brighton and around there. 10 minutes into the ride I was already down town. I did a few loops around the rich people's oversized houses and around Brighton Lake. I just spent the time taking in the views and seeing what people are up to. I was surprised to see 3 families taking a stroll through the neighborhood, but not surprised to see 2 suburbans, 1 escalade, and 2 Hummers drive by me! I only had one person honk and they were on the other side of the road. Hmm?

I found another reason why children are obese in these days. As I passed the railroad tracks in d-town Brighton, I noticed a mother and her son taking a walk on the sidewalk. Unfortunately, the son-about 5-6yrs ol-was driving a big wheels 4x4 vehicle. This was no normal big wheels, it was like double the size. Are they too lazy to walk, ride a scooter, or ride a bike. I know I have a much better time riding a bike than driving a car.

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