Friday, March 09, 2007

70 in a 40

Obviously this is bike related. I ended up riding 70 miles on the mountain bike today. That was my plan, but sometimes that gets nixed when the weather is cold, crappy and cloudy. Today was the exact opposite. Temps in the low-40's and bright, sunny skies. I felt like I hadn't been able to ride in this environment for years. I did weat tights, because it was in the 30's when I left, but tomorrow is another story.

I am looking a doing a good recovery ride in the pm since it is supposed to rain in the morining. Tomorrow is the start to working on the tan lines. I should be sporting the knee warmers and NO booties!!! I'll still have a base layer up top w/ a jeresy, but I am hoping that soon the clothing will be dwindled down. I love the days when all it takes is throwing on a jeresy and shorts and heading off. I'm sure tomorrow I will go over everything I am wearing 10 times because it will feel so weird. Sunday is upper 40's and should get a good ride in early before I have to go to work in the pm. All of you dormant bikers should come outside, it's really nice.

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