Monday, April 16, 2007

Pontiac Lake TT Recap

Lesson learned-greasy mud throws the bike down fast!

The race went well, I tried to keep the rubber down, but that sure as hell did not happen. I put a decent 42 minute lap in for the first loop, and a lap 12 seconds slower on the second loop. Not too bad, but I was really tentative on lap 2. Overall, I am happy with the result. There are a lot of places where I can make up time, so just a little work and handling should do the trick.

I started off in the middle ring and then not being able to hit the big ring. As soon as I eased it off, I was able to shift up. The lap was going good and the body felt great. About 3 miles in I slid out on a greasy corner. I could feel it going...I threw a leg out...I kept sliding...then I fell. It was one of those falls that you know is coming, but I dragged on for so long. I kept the pace up and eventually caught my 15 second man on a loose, rooted climb. Not too far after, I was cruising down the trail and was carrying all of my speed through the corner when all I knew I was down. It was quick. No reaction time at all, I was just down on the ground. I guess that is the safe and best way, but it was quick. Shawn was right behind me and hit my down bike and flew over. Sorry about that. I got up and my bars were twisted, so I decided to pull the tools out (I did try to force the bars over, but it was not happening. I started loosening one bolt when I realized I was a dumb ass. I put the tools away and went on my way. I guess I whacked my brake caliper into my rotor because it made a horrible high pitched sound the rest of the race.

Lap 2 came and I was riding good, but braking in every corner. After a guy went by me, I got some more motivation and picked up the pace and went by him not too long after. I came in at 1:24:16, my fastest Pontiac yet. 14th overall isn't too bad, better than I was expecting.

After looking at my bike later, I noticed some carnaige. I have a nice sized dent in my top tube. I lined it up and it matched with my brake lever. The lever snapped out of place(like it should upon impact) and it crushed my top tube. That exlpains the twisted handlebars. It doesn't look broken, just a nice indentation.

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Shawn said...

Dude, that is such a bummer about your bike! My condolences.