Sunday, April 22, 2007

Yankee Springs TT Report

A nice weekend, a nice race, and a nice result. It doesn't get much better than that. The weather turned out to be in our favor and was sunny and mid-70's. The team did a pre-ride Saturday afternoon and conditions of the trail seemed to be good. Some sandy corners, but all was good. Nothing like a fast and FLOWING course.

The race started after a unique Van Halen version of the National Anthem! I was third off the line and passed my 15 second man a few minutes into the loop. I was looking for the first starter, but didn't find him until mid-way through the trail where he was camped out on the side of a hill looking like a spectator. From there on out, I saw no one. I was looking behind to see if anyone was coming, but nothing. I was handling the bike really good today. I spent some time riding laps of Torn Shirt and Murray Lake last week and it seemed to help. Better than sliding all over at Pontiac. I had one quick slide-out where I almost fell, but just a quick knee down. In the last mile I pulled a stupid rookie mistake by looking behind me since I thought I heard a chain. I didn't see anyone, but I met a nice inch thick sapling. It bent over, but I had to unclip and let it slide trough so I could keep going! Just before the finish I was passed by Christian Tanguay who eventually won the race. It was fast and fun and a really good turnout. I cracked the top 10 with a ninth place finish of 46:00. I was happy with the result and not really any bad mistakes today. The Western Chapter did a great job and put on a fun race.

Next up is the Greenbrier Challenge in Maryland this weekend where I am sure the competition is going to be strong. It sound like the course is what I like, one big climb in it like Boyne.

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