Sunday, March 16, 2008

Things That Don't Happen Everyday

Exhibit A:
Riding out to Grand River on Wednesday and crest a hill before the freeway overpass. A State Trooper stops in the middle of the road on the opposite side (coming at me). He's ~100 yards ahead of me and has no lights on or anything while cars are sitting behind him. The closer I got, he waved me down. It went something like this...

Me(thinking): WTF

Me(thinking): There was no one around at that last stop sign I ran a mile ago.

Me passing the cop, taking the earbuds out and curling back.

Cop: Hey, sorry to interrupt you from your workout.

Me(thinking): damn, he called it a workout. I guess I have a purpose being out here.

Cop: I am looking for a juvenile runaway. Tall, white male, wearing a baggy white sweatshirt. Have you seen him? He should be along this road.

Me: Nope, didn't a single person. Only thing I passed was a garbage truck.

Cop: How long have you been on the road.

Me: Since Spencer Rd. (The road doesn't go very far.

Cop: So you haven't seen him.

Me: No, but I would recommend asking the guys in the garbage truck, since they have been driving through the subdivisions.

Cop: Okay, thanks. Sorry from interrupting you.

And I went on my way.

Exhibit B:

50 friggin' degrees on Friday!!! And it was sunny. And I wore knee warmers. No wool socks. One base layer and a jersey. Oh yeah, it was nice.

But, it was cloudy and cool-low 30s today.

Exhibit C:

Feels like summer even when it's winter. This house rocks. It has a long walkout in back with a lighthouse looking building attached to the back of the house. And on a lake.

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