Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Return to Normalcy

After a week+ of being sick, I am just about 100%. I took last week easy just trying to kick the bug and keep the legs spinning. Now I have to ramp it up to keep my place in the 10,000 Mile Challenge. Just out of first place now...but what will March bring. Hopefully normal temps and lots-o-miles. With the temps below normal for much of the winter, the 40's look like they might be hit and kept for a bit. That's a nice change for sure. Just think of all those great base miles in frigid and snowy conditions. They should pay off come April.

On the racing front, I have not touched my mountain bike since Iceman. After a few part changes, it should be up and running late this week. My SS is just about built up as well. Just waiting on a BB and then it is good to go. Gotta love spare frames and parts. What will flat bars, suspension, and nobby tires feel like? I can't wait. But the downside it the trails and dirt roads are going to be avoided for a few weeks. When will the first trail ride be?

My racing schedule has also changed a bit. The family is taking a trip to Colorado in early April, so I will miss the PLRA race. I was looking foreward to it, but I'll have to wait for Yankee for some MI competition. The last weekend I am there, I think I am going to head over to the Western Slope and ride in Fruita and race on the Sunday at Rabbit Valley. Hmm, Karmas or Crows? Since I have been on 700c's all winter, I am going to hit up the STS crits at the end of March to test the fitness.

Ahh, almost racin' time.


Shawn said...

Hey Brent, let me know if you want to do some riding while you are in CO! If it is nice maybe we can hit some front range trails since they have been dry. I have also found some great road rides.

Brent said...

No, I don't really feel like riding much out there. I heard it is flat and lame. I might bring my walking shoes instead!

Hit me up at bsteinber at gmail dot com so we can link up. Should be fun!