Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I caught the cold that has been going around. It was so miserable, I even took a day off the bike. Still trying to get over it now, but at least I am back on the bike and spinning the legs. It's weird how the body gets used to doing things, then acts strangly when things are not happening. Example: Mondays are my off days, and I took Sunday off. That is the first time I have taken two days off in a row since the end of November. I got on the bike and my legs felt like I hadn;t ridden in a month. They were sore, but not fatigue sore. It was quite strange, but after and hour they felt a bit better. Maybe it has something to do with the cells overtaking my body. After 3 hours, I cam eback and managed a nice VO2 Max coughing session for the good part of an hour.

Last week was snow, cold, snow, cold, warm and rainy, and tonight into tomorrow is more snow!

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