Sunday, April 20, 2008

Back From the Dead

Okay, I am alive. Quick note here and a full report later. Did a Mountain States Cup race outside of Fruita last weekend and got 3rd. Raced Yankee today and got 3rd again. Niel Scharphorn threw down for the win and Bill Clikeman nabbed his 2nd, 2nd place in 2 weeks. Wow, thats a lot of 2's. Raced SS after and got 4th. It felt easy with a 44x18. Maybe since it was 4.5 min slower and lots or sport racers to pass. I feel left out. I think 3 of us had 26 inch bikes out of like 20 in Elite. But Bill and I got 2 and 3 on 26ers. Yeah!


Shawn said...

Dude, need your march #'s!

Robert said...

Nice finish Brent... Dang are 29ers really taking over? Bah!! See you next Sunday at Bloomer???

Brent said...

Yup, 29ers are the thing. We all need to watch our backs now. We are worried about you, that 69er means your halfway to the dark side! I'll be at Bloomer unless it's a mudfest.