Monday, April 21, 2008

Yankee Springs TT

Good Weather. 70's, a few drops of rain about dinner time on Saturday, but mostly sunshine. Course was in reverse. Sweet. People complained, c'mon, how often can we ride a trail backwards? Niel still won, and he should be the one most upset since it was his home course. So that point is now null. Course flowed well and was fast. Went off 9th, passed 5 people on course and ended up 3rd overall. Times were similar to years past, and I cut a minute off last year. Improvements.

Built up the SS on Friday night. Chain kept skipping on the rear cog. So I ended up with the only option that would work: 44x18. I thought it would hurt, but I should have gone with a 16T on the rear. It was fast. Felt easy. 4.5min slower, but lots of passig of sport men. Didn't even try the steep, loose part on the middle climb. Accelerated, cyclocross dismount and ran by some granny-ringers before remounting. Then caught people on the 1-track ridge with no passing. It was still fun. The bike worked and I was happy. Ended up 4th.

Bloomer this weekend? Maybe. 10 day forcast shows a bit of rain. If it's muddy, I'll stay home, but if it's dry, I'll go race for 2nd. That guy who double-flatted and beat Eatough last weekend can cruise around by himself on his home course off the front. Maybe he should race the Tour, I hear the French really need someone to finally win their own race!

Coming up...Bloomer, planned on Cone Azalia, but it's still a myth that it might be cancelled. No entry form out yet. I want to race some paved and dirt road on the skinny tires. Cat 5, baby! If its a scratch, maybe Fort Custer. Once my Thursday classes are done, Waterford Thursday nights I come. $10 crit, schweet.


Robert said...

Dang. You guys went that fast riding backwards!! Do you sit on the bike just like normal when you ride your bike backwards??

Brent said...

we actually swapped our cranks so the chainrings were on the non-drive side. Then we flipped the wheel around so we could ride backwards. Then sit on the bike like normal and look over your shoulder. It was cool. You should try it sometime!