Monday, May 19, 2008


Disclaimer: No, I am not becoming a roadie. Just using it as training and trying to get my upgrade.

Kensington road race was Saturday. Weather was much better than expected. 7 laps and 59 miles with some decent hills sounded fun to me. And I got to play in the 4's this weekend!

Rode over to Kensington and registered Friday and rode a lap of the course. Rode over at 6:20am on Saturday for a 10mi warmup with Cruise. Race went off at 7:20, and I was at the back. Spent lap 1 trying to move up and not crash. That first lap was real sketchy with constant speed changes, and lots of braking. I am suprised there wasn't a pileup. 2 got away on lap 2, and a teammate of one was blocking. No one wanted to sit up front, so I did my normal thing and drilled the pace. Spent a half lap the the front, and pulled the break back. I have no patience for this crap. Funny thing was Cruise and I were talking about sitting in the first few laps to get a feel for it. Then we pass eachother on the straightaway. I'm pulling the 4's, he's off the front of the 3's. Guess we like to ride fast.

So I sat near the front and did a bit of work all race. Set tempo up some climbs and also tried some attacks. Problem was everyone kept chasing me. I am wearing a disguise next race. Alan from trails-edge attacked, and I started to chase, but I backed off when no one else worked and he was solo. WRONG. There was a break up the road I did not know about. With tons of groups mixed, people dropped, and others off the front of other groups, it was hard to keep track. A group of 4 ended up winning since there was no working at the front. I finished off with 3rd in the pack sprint I guess. The results had me 6th, but when I checked online later, I was 7th. Hmm, I guess that 15min protest rule doesn't work. But, I don't really care anyways. What's 6th or 7th, it's just training to me.

Not a bad race for having weak legs. Putting in back to back 350 miles weeks with almost no recovery and sitting up front for most of Thursday race had my legs a bit fatigued. Not bad though, I ended up with 95 miles on the day with a 2.5hr race in there. Then I threw in a 4hr MTB ride on the SS yesterday. Yup, I still like to MTB.

Up on the docket is a trip for the weekend. Heading up north for some riding to finish off a hard block. Looks like loops of Hanson Hills on Friday with a road ride back to Gaylord. Nice long ride in Leelanau on Saturday, then churning up some laps at Boyne Mt on Sunday. Looks to be a fun weekend. After that I shall be seen at Waterford the following Thursday trying to not make dumb mistakes again, and the the Brighton Rec stage race the week after that.

I like to ride my bike!


Cruise said...

It's a lot more fun to ride fast. And that sounds like a sweet weekend.

You're missing Tour Frankenmuth, but you'll get more of a workout with those hills up there anyway...

I got my 2 upgrade btw.... =D

Brent said...

Dang, now you can rock the 2's.

Since everyone keeps telling me to upgrade again, I did. Too bad, I was denied! More 4's for me.

Cruise said...

Take advantage of the road races while you can, the crits get really sketchy with the 4's...

Kevin Mullervy said...

Hey man Just seeing if u found a place to live in GJ next year? Are you still going to Mesa next year?