Thursday, May 15, 2008

How to Lose a Bike Race

Yup, another Waterford Hills race in the books. Weather was okay, a bit chilly, but wind was not bad. The race started off with Don drilling it from the start and myself follwing in hopes to bring in some strong guys for a break. No dice, they all followed. A break got away early on and we knew it could stick. With people like Tim, Scott, Luke, and another rider, it was up to someone to try and bring it back. With 2 Wolverines in the break that was out of the question. So after the gap got big, Don and I did some rolling pulls. He'd pull, then me, and we'd tuck in behind eachother. After a while, we brought them back. Some more attacks went and both of us always seemed to be upfront working. Ah, it's all for training anyways.

By the end of the race, it gets a bit annoying and tiring with slow and fast. I took a flyer near the end to bridge up to Luke, but he was done and the pack was coming. With 2 to go, Alan Smith attacked and Don followed. I jumped off the front and tried to bridge. As I caught them, I looked back and saw the gap. Looked over at Don and we went. I pulled from there and it hurt. Came to the start/finish with 1 to go and I saw the pack not too far behind. I was at the back of the pack trying to regain some power, but didn't want to blow-up before the finish. So I sat-up and went back to the pack. Ya, that's where the problem was. When I got to the pack, it was all Wolverines sitting up, to let Alan go for the W. Damn. Looking back, it kills me that I let up. Lessons learned. If there would not have been a Wolverine, things would have been different. All I know is I could have been in the money. Argh.

Well, thats racing, and learning. Only my 6th road race, so you learn things all the time. Most of it is the team tactics and strategy. Still learning all of that. But, I got in some great training and experience. Remember, the front is where the training is done.

And...the strongest man won tonight. It's not often that it happens, but props to Don. He can lay it down for real. And he's got some $ to get that 'stang home.


Le Blaireau said...

New to the bog so you'll need to explain what a Wolverine is. Well done on the race.

Shawn said...

Yeah, road racing if fun eh?