Friday, June 27, 2008

Hit the Gas and Go

This week marked getting back into the riding scheme of things. With the leg being worked on last weekend, it was feeling much better and I got the okay to giv'r some love. A short jaunt on Saturday led to a dirt road rampage on the CX bike Sunday. A little commute to work to move the legs was in store Monday.

Tuesday was back to normal. I was handed this sticker on Monday, so I figured I would give it a go.

Rode with Alex down to Chelsea where we picked up Matt. Headed to Aberdeen to fill up water and talk to Lummis. Cruised on down to Dexter to the HRD. Hit up Barton Hills before heading back to Whitmore Lk. Into South Lyon and back home got 90 miles under my belt.

Wednesday was a nice 50 miler at 7am. Getting in the ride before work was nice as the temps were comfortable. Still my legs are not ready until about 8am.

Yesterday was a commute followed by another ride in the rain. Not sure why, but it seems like I have been rained on a lot this year. Came back soaked and went out later with my dad for a nice 1.5hr cruise.

Got a call from the Dr. yesterday that I have a slight fracture in my pelvic bone. He said no MTBing, since there is impact. I'll keep to the vibration damping plastic bikes for a while.

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Alan said...

How'd you manage to fracture your pelvis?