Sunday, July 06, 2008

Let's Try This Again

So 2 weeks off, 4 days on, and another week off. My fitness isn't too bad. My leg is feeling much better. I put in a short ride on Friday, another 1.5hr on Saturday, and a 2:15 ride today to see how everything is going. Not bad. Looking like I'll throw down some endurance rides this week to get the legs back into the riding thing. Keep to the road bike and hopefully the MTB will see some action soon.

Today was the first time I was able to put some power down. I wasn't trying to go hard, but I pedaled right up one of the hills in Kensington and was only 20W off my peak 1 min power. Some threshold work, extra miles and MTBing, and I should be back cruising again. Looking foreward to it.

Friday the parents and I rode out to the park for a fireworks show. Fun night even though the fireworks were weak.


Cruise said...

Good to hear you're coming back.

Any chance you'll be going to mtn bike nats? I'm trying to find someone to drive over there with..

Brent said...

Nope, 3 weeks off killed that. If I was in shape, I would go, but not now.