Monday, July 14, 2008

Getting back into form

420 miles in the legs in 6 days is bringing back to the bike racer ways. I was planning on throwing down 3 centuries, but killed that dream with a case of the bonk. 1.5 powerbars aka 325 calories in 4.5hrs with 88F and humidity doesn't work. Stumbling home with shakey hands and legs with 87 miles was good enough. FOOD.

Friday I ate more food for my hundo and I felt great. Saturday I rolled out of Chelsea for the Helluva ride with some people. 100 miles later I was feeling good.

Then came the best part in weeks. I saddled up the fat tire bike and hit some gravel. A detour through a conector trail felt good. 1.5hrs of gravel roads and I headed over to some 1-track. 2 laps of the Milford loop and my pelvic region was still feeling great. More gravel over to Proud Lake for a couple loops. Headed back home 3.5hrs later feeling great. Riding the mountain bike and hitting trails for the first time in 5 weeks was a great feeling.

Ramp up the intensity this week and try to build the form.

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Cruise said...

That Milford loop is evil.

You're gonna kill me in miles this month...