Thursday, October 23, 2008


Sitting in DIA right now. Drove down to Denver yesterday and sat in traffic for hours on Vail pass as it was snowpacked.

Up at 3:30am and came here to DIA. Learned our 6:45am flight was moved to 9:30am. Then the flight was cancelled. Then we get tickets from DIA to Dallas and then to Charlotte where we will get in after 6pm. Then we went to check in and I wasn't transferred over. We figure that out and went to security.

I was a lucky one with the SSSS on my ticket, which required me to be searched extra special. Sweetness. Then we ran over to another terminal to try to get on another direct flight to Charlotte. Denied. Now we are sitting around waiting for our flights. There goes my pre-ride. Hopefully we will be able to find our bikes and put them altogether before the race in the morning.

At least DIA has free WIFI.

I'll try to update later on this weekend. I'll try for a prelap before my race tomorrow.

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