Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quick Post

Jammed up with schoolwork this week. Here is a quick recap

Saturday-Sweet CX race. Cool course. Dave Towle. Over 600 racers. 88 people in my race. Had a decent race and finished 8th. Didn't get chicked this week. I beat Georgia.

Sunday-Okay course. Def a power course which worked for my flatlander legs. Bridged up to lead 2 guys on last lap and preceeded to blow my tire out on a curb. Done. Good legs and training.

Leave GJ tomorrow afternoon. Fly out of DIA to Charlotte Thursday morning.

Hopefully a quick pre-ride at LMC on Thursday evening.

XC Friday at 8am.

STXC Saturday at 8:45 am

Banquet Sunday

Fly out Monday

Drive back to GJ early Tuesday morning.

Drive back to Boulder Friday

Boulder Cup CX Sat and Sunday

Back to GJ Sunday

Take a breath.

HERE WE GO. 2 Weeks with 2 of the 3 biggest races on my schedule. The other is CX Nationals in December. Let's hope for snappy legs and dry dirt.


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