Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall Break

We had Fall break on Monday and Tuesday, but a home race last weekend kept us from traveling. STXC Saturday followed by a Sunday XC race.

As luck would have it, I flatted on Friday night while marking the course. It was a small hole, but it kept slowly leaking. I rode out to Whitewater in crazy winds and noticed my tire had dropped some pressure once I got to the race site 45min later. I decided to take the tire off and put a tube in. That is where I noticed my sealant had dried up. I warm-up, do a few laps, then stand at the start for 15 minutes. My legs were tight. I felt like crap on lap 1, then started moving up on lap 2. As I came to the finish line to start lap 3, my tube blew. It went flat in no time. I looked at it later when I changed it and noticed a nice long slice at the seam. Bad tube. I'll take it now rather than nationals.

Fixed everything up on Saturday night. Sunday morning came and I pulled up the weather as I ae my oatmeal. WHAT...32F. I bundled up in tights, winter jacket, and thick PI winter gloves. Added a skull cap and I was out the door at 6:45 off to the course. The race didn't start until 9:45, so it was a bit chilly standing around. Sun came up and by race time the tights came off. It is weird out here. 50F feels nice and there is no need for knee warmers or baselayers and arm warmers.

Race went okay. I think standing around and a not-so-good warm-up left me cruising slow for a while. My first 2 laps (of 3) were slow. I could not go hard, breathe hard, or suffer. I could only max out at a decent tempo. By lap 3 I had warmed-up and could go hard. I passed 4 or 5 people to finish off with a 7th overall. Next time I'll go for a better warm-up.

So with no school Monday and Tuesday, it was off to MTB some of the trails that are close, but never see our tracks. 18 Rd. was the choice on Monday. We rode all of the loops did Joe's Ride to Kessels twice since it is so fun. By the time we were done I think everyone was pretty well bonked out. I was definetely in the hurt for some food.

Tuesday was off to Loma to hit the Kokopelli trails. While not as fun as 18Rd, it was still a good time. The beginner loop, Rustlers is probably the best with some fun slickrock and swoopy sections.

A few more classes, then it is off to the front range on Friday for a couple cross races this weekend. Come back for 3 days, then head back over the passes on Wednesday so we can fly out of DIA on Thursday. Race Friday and Saturday. Hope the legs are good. You Lees McRae guys better keep the rain away. I want to ride my bike, not hike it! I'll be sure to bring mud tires as well.

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