Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Bikes Are Rebelling

I got my single all up and running after picking it up from the parents in NC. Rode Tabeguache on it yesterday and all was well. Its always fun riding a one speed. Today I take it out to 18Rd to shred some flowy trails when I had another bicycle tragedy. Take a look at the picture below.

I was maybe ten minutes into my ride when I torqued the chainring. Up a rockslab and I thought my chain came off. Nope, just a bent Surly chainring. Never seen that before. I am assuming my chainring bolt either snapped, or came out right before that. The bolts were in and tight in the morning. I bent that sucker good.

I am not coming back for the Iceman, but it should be a great time for everyone else this year. Looks like Joberon is putting together a hell of a party. Hopefully everyone in the MI scene will haul ass.

At least the weather here is nice. Mid-seventies and sunny. I heard back in the mitten is is cold and nasty. I'll take a hike back to the trailhead in warm weather over MI crap. So, is it going to snow for Iceman?

Sorry, I just had to remind myself how nice it is here!


Cruise said...

we've had snow for the last two days in Banner Elk...

Brent said...

Good thing Nationals were a few days early. How sweet would that have been to race the XC in snow. Good Iceman training I guess!