Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Tapping Out

Time to recover the body then start getting ready for Kansas City in December. 16 races in 9 weeks is fun, but wears on the body. 5 XC, 4 ST, 7 CX. One weekend out of 9 with no racing, but a 10hr training weekend. Add in a week of little sleep and no appetite had me rolling around Boulder with nothing. Going through the motions just trying to enjoy the ride. Rode easy yesterday and taking a few days off the bike for now.

Got a new chainring for the SS. I'll test that out this weekend. Looks like the weather will be good for Saturday. Thinking of throwing down the Edge Loop in Fruita on the SS. Staying home the next few weekends and enjoy the riding. With the day-light savings time, it looks like night-riding is in order. Can't wait.

Cory trying to get in a photo with Danielson

Dinner down on Pearl St Saturday night-chicken baked potato

Trebon and Wells Day 1

Georgia killing all of the women

Spencer bunny hopping the barriers. The only person to do so.

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