Thursday, November 06, 2008


Nice article in VeloNews today.

My top 5 in no particular order

Matter, Simonster, JB, Marko Lalonde (I am betting on him running a geared bike)and my dark horse pick in Anderson.

Matter looks to be having some good CX results recently in Ohio and KY. Simonster has probably been killing it on epic dirt road loops getting ready to throw down. JB looks to be on good form with good UCI CX results and an 8hr MTB race recently. He might have the horsepower, but guys like Matter and Simonster have the course knowledge. Marko seems to be riding well racing some high caliber CX races on a geared bike. Will those gears transition over to the MTB? Lastly, Mike Anderson. 3rd at Ore to Shore shows he can hang with these guys, and second to Simonster at peak to Peak a few weeks ago.

Hope everyone has a good time and stays warm. Will it rain?

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